Thursday, February 23, 2012

Neruda Imitation Poem

Tonight I Can Write
Michael R.

Tonight I can write the happiest lines.

Write, for example, “The sky nestles the stars and the stars pulse and glister in her eyes.”

The wind carries the transparent love through the infinite sky.

Tonight I can write the happiest lines.
I love her, and I hope she loves me the same.

Nights like these I hold her in my arms.
Her irresistible lips meet mine under the stream of nightlights.

Impossible to look into those eyes and not see the joy of the night.
She loves me, and I hope I love her the same.

Her voice matches the gentleness of the night.
Her body bright, and falling onto mine like the Sun to the horizon.

Tonight, and every night, I can write the happiest lines.
To know that I have her. To feel her intimacy.

An empty pasture, not so empty with her.
The distant stars, not so distant beside her.

What else matters? The night is beautiful and so is she.
That is all. 

We wish, if this to be a dream, to never wake.
Or if this to be nature, to never sleep.

A dose of love relieves lonesomeness.
Love seems eternal. How to keep it that way is the question.

Because I have just found love, there are more verses to write.
All about our natural love, these are the first lines I write for her.


  1. So good! The imagery is awesome. Love def. feels like this at first. =]