Sunday, March 11, 2012

Every Night

the formatting here is all wrong! reading my poem in class tomorrow (yikes!) . . .

Every night, every lonely pensive night
I wander aimlessly in my sensory modalities

The trees with leaves hanging low and sad
Shivering from the cold, merciless wind
Bodies creased, dull and weeping sap
Roots emerging, expanding
Reaching for something else

Have you not seen a sadder setting

Flowers, twisted at the neck
No sun in their presence, don’t know where to look
Frail and thin, no support in their ascending stem
Petals fall and rot, consumed by the crawlers of the night

The stars, distant and lost in space
Away from me, out of my reach
Surrounded by the ill night
Mere specks in the sky; appearing at night, lonely nights
Pulsing, agreeing with my laments

Have you not seen a sadder setting

The moon, the mightiest in the sky
But the loneliest in my eye, no love can match its size
Merely a poignant reminder of the time that has passed me
Moonlight reflects on me
And I feel its sorrow and lonesomeness
My heart is intertwined with this dark natural setting

I do not understand what's in the night
That speaks ever so romantically to some

The mysterious sounds of the night
The creature’s hoot for his distant lover
The beast’s cry for his distant companion
Oh the howling wilderness
Prompting a feeling in me so familiar, one of love
But, love reminds me of yesterday
And I lament more, and more, and more

Have you not seen a sadder setting

Nature, I feel your longing too
I have lost my light too soon

The ineluctable night creeps and does its deed
Prompting feelings one thought he had lost

No, I have not seen a sadder setting


  1. So sad, but really good!

  2. Beautiful poem. Couldn't have described a sadder setting!